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We are decorative cannabis. We focus on beauty, culture & legalization. Help us free this amazing plant from obscurity.

DecoBudz Replica Cannabis DecoBudz Decorative Cannabis Ruderalis

Our mission is to bring this wonderful plant out of the shadows and into public view. Even with legalization and acceptance growing worldwide, displaying live cannabis plants is still illegal in virtually every state in the US and most places around the world.

At DecoBudz® we are committed to bringing this beautiful plant into homes, offices, gardens and everywhere decorating with ornamental plants is desired.

We are currently offering seeds of our amazing hemp strain DecoBudz® for ornamental decorative use only.

Why should this beautiful plant be any different than a rose, succulent, palm, houseplant or any other form of decorative ornamental plant currently in use today? We think it shouldnt be excluded from the thousands of variety ornamental plants deemed as appropriate for public view. It is just a plant.

Show off your Budz today! Get an official DecoBudz® Artificial Cannabis Plant for the office and some DecoBudz® Decorative Cannabis Seeds for the garden.

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  • Realistic Artificial Cannabis Plants for Decoration
  • Cannabis as a decorative plant
  • Educational and beautiful decoration
  • Finally display cannabis proudly and legally
  • Start conversations and debate about cannabis
  • Marketing and tradeshow displays with cannabis
  • Discover whats been missing
  • Stand out in a crowd

Decorate with Cannabis

We strive to embrace and drive change in the industry and gain global acceptance of this amazing plant.

Show off your Budz©

Take a stand and display your support for cannabis legalization.

Support the movement

Decorate with cannabis and help bring this plant out of the shadows.


Help us demistify cannabis, hemp and marijuana.

Join the movement

DecoBudz® Replica cannabis marijuana plants proudly announce your participation in a powerful and beautiful way.

Put the plant in the spotlight.

The emerging cannabis and CBD industry spend alot of energy featuring products, benefits and catchy slogans to advertise their products and services leaving out the origin of their business. Finally display the plant that started it all.

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What people say about DecoBudz®?

I love your products! I am a cannabis educator just BEGINNING to learn about the complex plant itself - my focus has been the history of the plant, its prohibition and social equity access to the industry. My mom sent me all 3 of your beautiful plants that I can use when teaching. Thank you so much.
DecoBudz Artificial Cannabis Plant

Kelly Goldberg

Hi there purchased a couple of days ago and the plants look great, big thanks to the DeocBudz guys, they gave me some great help with some creative setup ideas.
DecoBudz Artificial Cannabis Plant

Christopher Mendoza

Tattoo Artist