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DecoBudz® News - What happens when you walk around Las Vegas with a marijuana plant?

What happens when you walk around Las Vegas with a marijuana plant?

Les T. / May 12, 2022

While in Las Vegas you may not be surprised to see a white tiger, a celebrity or a juggling super hero but to see a marijuana plant in real life was a shock to people we encountered on a recent trip to Sin City. “I felt like a rock star” said Jeff as we strolled through casinos and the strip carrying a DecoBudz® Kush artificial cannabis plant. We had come to Vegas to test the design and realism of our product with the public and get some marketing material. The plant is so realistic it fooled everyone, even federal agents. Most people had never seen a marijuana plant and were curious and excited to be able to see and touch one. Only after we confessed “It’s not real” did people notice it was a replica. People wanted to touch, feel and even smell the plant. Many wanted selfies to post on social media. For us it was a revelation about stigma, education and awareness of cannabis. What we learned is that everyone wants to know more about this wonderful plant. Carrying it made us feel like ambassadors for cannabis. Our experience taught us that we are doing much more than creating artificial decorative cannabis. We have the opportunity to provide a vital tool in the effort to bring awareness, education and understanding of the cannabis plant to the public. We hope our experience and products can help with normalization and acceptance.

DecoBudz® News - Cannabis Tradeshow Displays Go Green

Cannabis Tradeshow Displays Go Green

Jeff P. / Feb 09, 2022

Typically cannabis trade show displays are missing the very thing they are meant to display. Cannabis! Artificial cannabis plants are a great way to green your scene and stand out among displays. Cannabis trade shows are a great opportunity to show off your Budz!

DecoBudz® News - Simulated Grow Room Uses Artificial Pot Plants

Simulated Grow Room Uses Artificial Pot Plants

Ginger T. / Jul 07, 2021

Bloom Labs wanted to make a statement with their grand opening but it is still illegal to display a live cannabis plant. The solution was found in artificial cannabis plants. Dont let your decorative or educational needs go unseen because of an overlooked law. Display the beauty of cannabis legally!

DecoBudz® News - Live Decorative Cannabis for your garden

Live Decorative Cannabis for your garden

Brandon G. / May 07, 2021

Growing cannabis in your garden is often overlookd. Cannabis can be a beneficial addition to any garden. Cannabis plants can be great companions for other plants and provide a beautiful addition to any garden. Hemp is now legal to grow in the US and should be displayed proudly. Sadly this beautiful often overlooked plant still has many regulations and public stigma to overcome. Help bring this awesome plant out of the shadows and plant some happy hemp =)

DecoBudz® News - Decorative Cannabis Plants are a thing, even if they are fake.

Decorative Cannabis Plants are a thing, even if they are fake.

Les T. / Feb 25, 2021

Macie wanted her workspace to be exciting and unique. "I always wanted to have a live cannabis plant in my office, but it was impractical AND illegal. These look great, and I dont have to water them." Plants just make you feel better.

DecoBudz® News - Florida Company Uses Replica Cannabis Plant for displays.

Florida Company Uses Replica Cannabis Plant for displays.

Jeff P. / Feb 24, 2021

I wanted to draw attention to our booth using marijuana plants, unfortunately it is illegal to display a live cannabis plant in public. My solution was DecoBudz® Artificial Replica Marijuana Plants. They look so real and we definately get lots of attention at our booth. - photo: CannaChamp

DecoBudz® News - Instagram Influencers Have a Keen Eye for Getting Attention.

Instagram Influencers Have a Keen Eye for Getting Attention.

Kim H. / Feb 23, 2021

Instagram influencers are always trying to get you to stop scrolling long enough to see what they have to offer. Using everything their imagination can concieve of including Marijuana. Ifluencers that have a cannabis following often use props to enhance their visibility. Bongs, Joints, Grinders and even plants help catch the eye of their followers.

DecoBudz® News - Seattle Dispensary Showcases a Grow Display in Front Window.

Seattle Dispensary Showcases a Grow Display in Front Window.

Ginger T. / Feb 22, 2021

Seattle dispensary Uncle Ikes makes a bold statement with their realistic window display. Deciding on a display that would attract attention and promote the normalization of the marijuana plant was easy, a grow, right in the front display window. Unfortunately it is still illegal to display live cannabis plants in public, but we found DecoBudz and they helped us design the perfect display, they look so real!

DecoBudz® News - Hemp is legal to grow in all 50 states of the USA under the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.

Hemp is legal to grow in all 50 states of the USA under the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.

Brandon G. / Feb 19, 2021

The 2018 Farm Bill provides support, certainty, and stability to our nation's farmers, ranchers, and forest managers by enhancing farm support programs, improving crop insurance, maintaining disaster programs, and promoting and supporting voluntary conservation. The current bill does not address growing hemp for personal or decorative use. Experts speculate that planting hemp for personal or ornamental use slipped through the cracks. Plant some hemp seeds today and help include language that protects the right to grow and display cannabis legally.


DecoBudz® We Are Decorative Cannabis

DecoBudz® Artificial Replica Cannabis Hemp Plants

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Decorative or Ornamental Cannabis in live or artificial form has generally been ignored mostly because it has been illegal to display live Cannabis plants in public, and still is in most places. Artificial Cannabis has been virtually non-existent. In addition, it can be impractical to grow Cannabis in some places. DecoBudz® Replica Cannabis Plants are artificial versions of a budding Marijuana plant that can be legally displayed anywhere. Finally EVERYONE can see this plant! Our DecoBudz® are the most realistic artificial cannabis plants you can get. Decorating with DecoBudz® is an easy, fun and exciting way to decorate with cannabis anywhere!


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DecoBudz® Ornamental Decorative Hemp Seeds

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The recent Hemp Farming Act of 2018 in the US has made it now legal to grow Hemp in all 50 states. Cannabis can be a beautiful decorative plant that is a great companion for other plants and ecosystems. DecoBudz® has developed a unique strain of Hemp (Cannabis Ruderalis) designed specifically for decoration. This DecoBudz® auto-flowering strain can be grown indoors with marginal light as a houseplant or outdoors in your flowerbed or garden. Our DecoBudz® Seed Packs are a great way to enjoy the ornamental qualities and diverse use of Decorative Cannabis.


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DecoBudz® Customers

Hot Springs Hemp Company
Aug 28, 2022

We LOVE DecoBudz! They make the BEST looking artificial cannabis plants. We first purchased one several years ago and now that we have Hot Springs Hemp Company CBD store, we have DecoBudz cannabis plants all throughout the store. They are also a highlight in our main windows and people just love them. Made in the USA too!

Mike PZ3
Mar 30, 2021

This thing is super dope. Better than I thought it would be. Very impressed!

Amazon Reviewer
Mar 18, 2021

Pleasantly surprised with product quality and Customer service! They look real. I fool everyone with them. The Originals are perfect for my end tables. Also had issues with shipping and customer service was perfect and fixed it immediately! Great customer service and product!

Amazon Reviewer
Jonny Boy
Mar 12, 2021

Looks real, love how the lower leaves add to the effect would definitely purchase agian!

Uncle Ikes Pot Shop
Brno - Lets Smoke Together
Mar 05, 2021

Really, really nice job!! Thanks for your nice work, we are really amazed, how it look like real plant.
Men this artpiece is in our small city of the Czech Republic. Thanks very much, I love your plant!

Uncle Ikes Pot Shop
Kate M. - Uncle Ikes
Aug 02, 2020

Extremely well made and great looking product. Looks like the real deal, even when you get closer. Other companies' attempts just don't compare to realism or construction. I'm not sure but it really seems like DecoBudz make these by hand.
Jeff and his team are great to work with-- super fast communication, take pride in their work, and legitimately care how your project turns out, even following up through email (and not that robo-generated crap). If you have a need for fake cannabis decor, definitely go with DecoBudz. So glad we did.

Amazon Reviewer
Jan 20, 2021

Item never arrived it was lost due to post office. I contacted DecoBudz customer service and they were excellent with helping me by sending me a new one in replace of the lost item . 5 stars for customer service and awesome plant!

Amazon Reviewer
July 20, 2020

5 out of 5 stars! People think its real sometimes hahaa Awesome novelty desk decor.

David F. - Australia
Apr 16, 2020

These plants are phenomenal!

Lit Alternatives
Mike S. - Lit Alternatives
Apr 13, 2020

We LOVE DecoBudz! Check out our page as people come in all the time just because of our fb banner DecoBudz! Much Love!

Kelly G. - Educator
Mar 8, 2020

I love your products! I am a cannabis educator just BEGINNING to learn about the complex plant itself - my focus has been the history of the plant, its prohibition and social equity access to the industry. My mom sent me all 3 of your beautiful that I can use when teaching. Thank you so much.